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20 Handy CSS Snippets For Web Designers
July 4th, 2012 - 1 Comment »


Below I have rounded up 20 Handy CSS Snippets for you to use in your Web Designs, these can come in very handy, so make sure you keep a copy of them!

Ajax Like Image Preloader in CSS

Grab a loader image and try this on one of your pages (preferably large images):

Multiple Background Images

CSS Tooltips

…and the HTML

Handy CSS Debug Script

Hide Text with text-indent

Highlight Links that Open in New Window

Fixed Footer

Change Mouse Cursor in CSS

Remove Textarea Scrollbar in IE

Styling Links by File Type

Cross-Browser Transparency

Cross-Browser Min Height

Adding Shadows to your CSS elements

Adding Rounded Corners to your CSS elements

Beautiful Blockquotes

Pretty Ampersands

Add an image next to all Email Links with CSS

Flip an Image in Different directions

Drop Cap

Center a Website

…and there we have it! I shall be adding a part 2 with many more snippets very soon.

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