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handyHTML is here to provide Web Designers and developers a code playground to share and learn new tricks and tips within the industry to improve your own work and projects!

What can you expect to find on handyHTML? Tutorials, Snippets and resources within Web Design and Development, based on a number of categories, such as… HTML, CSS, WordPress, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and many more. We are open to more categories of course.


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  1. Jano says:

    Could you help me and tell me why my drop down menus don’t work in Internet Explorer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Mr car says:

    It costs just £1 a week lets join the revolution and say no to expenceive advertising , please take a look and post what you think thank you ,

  3. Barry Bentley says:

    I registered this morning believing your Q/A site was up and running,but it seems that it’s still under contruction so maybe you didn’t get my first mail to you on your site. I have attachd again just in case someone does get the chance to read and respond.

    Thank you for affording me the offer of your coding for a dropdown menu. I down loaded your css script and coding for the drop down menu I would like to add to a website I’m building. I wanted to incorporate your dropdown coding into my site, but for the life of me I can’t figure out the coding to extend the width. Provisionally I have uploaded my header and your coding on these links.

    Your dropdown:

    Could you please show me how I can incorporate your coding into the space I have for the menu on my header. Thanking you in advance and also to thanks you for a magnificent site with great information. Your Best Barry B.

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