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Harry Brolaski, a versatile man in the gambling world

Harry Brolaski wrote an interesting book about gambling . However, he was above all a versatile man. Yet most reports about him usually only highlight one facet. You would almost think that there are several persons named Harry Brolaski. In addition, the reports sometimes confuse him with his father. So, as with Clarence Ray , we have to investigate ourselves.

Harry Brolaski

Harry Brolaski was born in 1871 in St. Louis. Shortly before, his father opened the hotel Laclede in that place with some business partners. It is an investment, his father’s day-to-day work is a captain at a shipping company. He sails the famous steamers on the Mississippi River. Before the American Civil War, which lasted until 1865, they were notorious บ่อน ออนไลน์ boats. But after that war it is mainly ferries to Memphis and New Orleans.

During vacations, young Harry Brolaski occasionally helps his father on a boat, the Annie P. Silver. One day in 1888, Harry was just 18 years old, a man approaches him. The man, named Mister Morris, is a gambling licensee of a horse racing stable. Morris has information he cannot use himself and he tempts Harry into a collaboration. It will be Harry Brolaski’s introduction to the gambling world.

Henry and Harry Brolaski

With his holiday allowance, Harry is committed to the proposed horse race. And he wins. That evening his father asks him where he has been. Enthusiastically, Harry tells that he has won money betting. His father is furious. For weeks after that, he tries to talk his son out of gambling. But without success.

The difference in attitude to life seems to be the only possibility to distinguish between the aforementioned sometimes confusing reports. Harry and his father are referred to in it as both Harry and Henry.

Gambling activities

Harry Brolaski Jr. has a taste for it and continues to gamble on racetracks. Other games of chance will be added later. He learns quickly. This also includes lessons in cheating, cheating and more. Common business in the American gambling world of the time. Gradually he starts to set up gambling activities himself.

He mainly does that around horse racing, but Harry Brolaski is also not averse to other gambling matters. He gambles, is a bookmaker and organizes gambling events in all kinds of places. And he has a gambling license in San Francisco, where he mainly stays during the winter season. When horse racing is banned there, he moves to Mexico. In Tijuana, just across the American border at El Paso, he arranges a gambling license for a racetrack and a permit to build a large 996mmc คาสิโน casino.


However, the Mexican government is revoking both permits, under great pressure from the California government. Harry Brolaski then travels to Washington. He is protesting to the federal government against horse racing and gambling in Tijuana and Juarez.

In 1909 and 1911, a special congressional committee listens to his lamentation during two hearings. He is pushing for a change in the law, but does not respond. And his protest is ignored. His revelations are, however, included in an extensive report in 1916, of a committee that investigates betting in horse racing .

Crocodile tears

Brolaski is frustrated with Mexico’s taking back the permits and the government’s role in this. With, according to many, feigned tears of sorrow and remorse, he turns against gambling. After finding no response from the government, he writes a third-person biographical pamphlet with the following text:

On October 5, 1909, he retired from the old life and openly and publicly allied with the country’s moral reformist forces. Since then, he has spoken at two committee hearings in the U.S. Senate in support of a bill to ban wire-sending of gambling news across the racecourse from one state to another, as well as at a committee hearing in the Ohio Senate. He has provided addresses to churches, halls, theaters, and association buildings in the states of New York, Ohio, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Oregon, exposing gambling and political corruption.

Easy money

At the same time Harry Brolaski writes the autobiographical book ‘Easy Money’ . The subtitle is: The Experiences of a Converted Gambler. At the time of release, it appears to be a genuine charge. Looking back later, you could call the well-selling book a commercially useful act of revenge.

For us and many others the book is worth reading. It gives a nice historical insight into gambling around 1900 in America. Brolaski discusses several games of chance , which also shows, for example, that the now popular Blackjack game was hardly known by that name at the time.

Political career

According to several sources, Brolaski just keeps gambling. Officially, however, he works as an intermediary in trade agreements, where he brings supply and demand together. He mainly uses his gambling experiences to build a political career. The successful book and the feigned conversion help.

Between 1911 and 1915 he served as a representative of Justice in Chicago, chairman of the Republican State Commission in Los Angeles, and a shareholder in various corporations and government projects in various places and states.

However, he is mainly in the news as a person involved in gambling activities and scams. The latter not only from third parties, but also from business partners. Harry Brolaski seems to be a man of ‘take the money and run’. Sometimes literally, when the Los Angeles police arrested him in early 1918 after he fled the New York police.

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