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The history of the live casino

We all know the dewa casino online where we enjoy a great night out and betting indonesia on our favorite games. But how did it all start? How far back in time do we have to go to see how the casino evolved into the live casino where we can now play online? For this we actually have to go all the way back to Roman and Chinese times. In ancient China, the game of Keno was created by merging games such as bingoand lotteries. The variants of Keno generated so much money that construction works could be financed. It was therefore a great way for China to finance expensive projects and to entertain the people. Julius Caesar also liked to entertain the people and make money by means of lotteries. In the Roman Empire lottery tickets were sold with which the people could win prizes such as money or grain.

The casino over the years

In the hundreds of years since then, casinos have gradually grown. Games like roulette , blackjack and poker are very old. Hundreds of years ago, things were exchanged and merchandise earned with it, because there was often no money to bet. Then there was a bet on grain, jewelry and other food. A harmless way to enjoy yourself in difficult times.

Gambling for entertainment

Gambling is an activity and entertainment that has kept people busy for centuries. In the Netherlands, casinos were illegal for a long time, only the Staatsloterij was allowed. The Staatsloterij has existed for 300 years and was the only legal way of gambling in the Netherlands. Of course there were illegal casinos or places where you can play poker , but this was strictly enforced by the government. It wasn’t until 1976 that the government chose to allow the very first opening of a casino.

Holland Casino

Holland Casino is the only legal provider of physical casino games in the Netherlands . The first branch was opened in Zandvoort in 1976 . Holland Casino transfers its entire net profit to the Dutch State. It is an additional source of income for the government. There are now 14 branches of Holland Casino in the Netherlands. These locations have approximately 6,532 slot machines and 466 gaming tables.

In the Netherlands, Holland Casino has the exclusive right to table games. These are non-automated games of chance under the supervision of a croupier. Holland Casino has various table games including:

French Roulette

American Roulette

Multi Roulette

Live Bingo


Black Jack perfect pairs

Black Jack 21 +3

Casino 21

Texas Hold’em Poker

Pot Limit Omaha

3 card Poker

4card Poker

Multi Poker

Straight Punto Banco

Punto Banco Squeeze

Money Wheel


In addition to these gaming tables, each location also has various slot machines. These are classic slot machines , but also video, bingo, roulette and poker machines.

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